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Seed Mixes for the Gunnison Basin

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The Gunnison Conservation District offers a variety of seed mixes customized to the Gunnison Basin area.  Below you can find information about our various mixes, where they are designed to do best, what species are present in the mix, the seeding rate in pounds per acre, and the 2024 pricing.  Pricing shown below is subject to change based on seed availability, and is shown as an estimate only.  After filling out the seed request order form below the mixes, your orer will be placed, and an invoice, including taxes and shipping, will be provided to your email once the seed mix has arrived. 



Dry areas with well drained (often more sandy or shallow) areas dominated by lower growing sagebrush and sparse vegetation. Low amounts of flowers and moderate levels of bare soil.

Areas: Antelope Hills, Parlin, Doyleville, Hartman Rocks.

Seed Mix:  Sheep Fescue-1, Sandberg Bluegrass-1, Western Wheatgrass-4 (Totaling 6 lbs/acre);

Indian Ricegrass and Bottlebrush Squirreltail can be added by request.

$16.50  /lb (recommended seeding rate of 6 lbs/acre)


MID ELEVATION (8,500-9,500 FT).

Slightly higher in elevation, but still dominated by sagebrush. More robust grass cover and a moderate diversity of flowers. Areas will have snowberry interspersed throughout indicating slightly higher moisture regime. Soils are deep (greater than 3 ft).

Areas: Mid-Ohio Creek, Powderhorn.

Seed Mix: Western Wheatgrass-4, Sandberg Bluegrass-1, Indian Ricegrass-3, Squirreltail-1 (Totaling 9 lbs per acre)

$16.75 /lb (recommended seeding rate of 9 lbs/acre)


HIGH ELEVATION (9,000-9,500 FT)

Areas where sagebrush is still dominant, but where pockets of aspen begin to come in. Grasses & flowers are prevalent and bare ground is very low. Soil is deep & dark, but still well drained.

Areas: Arrowhead, CB South, Upper Ohio Creek, Crested Butte

Seed Mix: Western Wheatgrass 36%, Slender Wheatgrass 55%, Canby Bluegrass 9% (Totaling 11 lbs/acre)

$14.25/lb (recommended seeding rate of 11 lbs/acre)



Best in forests or meadows. Grasses & flowers are prevalent and bare ground is very low. Soil is deep & dark, but still well drained.

Areas: Crested Butte, CB South

Seed Mix: Mountain Brome  30%, Slender Wheatgrass 25%, Western Wheatgrass 25%, Idaho Fescue 10%, Canby Bluegrass 10% 

$11.70/lb (recommended seeding rate of  15 lbs/acre)



Prices, Mixes and quantities vary based on native seed available. One ounce packets are usually in stock at the District Office.   Please note that the seeding rate shown below is for bare soil, and less seed may be used if you are interseeding with existing vegetation, or planting with grasses.  



Best for higher elevation areas with more moisture, deep and dark soils.  

Areas: Crested Butte, CB South, Ohio Creek

Seed Mix: species composition and mix ratio varies by price and availability but currently includes common yarrow, Lewis flax, arrowleaf balsamroot, mountain lupine, blanketflower, Rocky Mountain penstemon, sulfur-flower buckwheat, Utah sweetvetch, blue Colorado columbine, showy milkweed, and Rocky Mountian beeplant

$113.00/lb (recommended seeding rate of  1 lbs/2,000 sq ft)



Best in sagebrush rangelands. Grasses & flowers are present although cover may vary, and soils are well drained.

Areas: Antelope Hills, Parlin, Doyleville, Hartman Rocks, Powderhorn

Seed Mix:  species composition and mix ratio varies by price and availability but currently includes common yarrow, Lewis flax, and Utah sweetvetch

$87.50/lb (recommended seeding rate of  1 lbs/2,000 sq ft)



Irrigated areas for hay production. Introduced species are included.

Seed Mix: Timothy-2, Mammoth Red Clover-2, Redtop-1 (Totaling 5 lbs/acre).



For pasture use. Introduced species are included. Animals should not be allowed to graze the area for 2 growing seasons for best seed success.

Seed Mix: Timothy-2, Slender Wheatgrass-6, Mammoth Red Clover-2 (Totaling 10 lbs/acre)



Hardy Lawn Mix: Mix of 2 types of KY Bluegrass (24%/21%), Tall Fescue (16%) & Perennial Rye (15%). Add durability to highly trafficked lawns, reduce watering needs, and add disease and pest resistance to your lawn. This mix should not be used near areas where horses graze.

$7.00/lb (recommended seeding rate of  5.4 lbs/1,000 sq ft)


Native riparian areas that are perennially wet, native and near river and wetland areas. (Not a hay meadow mix). Contact GCD for more details on riparian mixes. Seed includes tufted hairgrass, redtop, Canada bluejoint, Nebraska sedge, beaked sedge. May include wildflowers such as yarrow and rocky mountain iris. We custom order these mixes to suit your needs.



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