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In 2019 the Gunnison Conservation District teamed up with Gunnison County and the Gunnison Basin Sage-grouse Strategic Committee to spread the urgent message of cheatgrass invasion and Gunnison Sage - Grouse decline. The result was a short film, Basin on the Brink.


Hosted by Sam Liebl, Cheatcast is an audio series that tells the story of cheatgrass invasion across the West and the threats the invasive plant poses to the Gunnison Valley. You can stream or download episodes below.

The GCD thanks the following organizations for their support of this podcast: Coldharbour Institute, The Colorado Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Western Colorado University’s School of Environment and Sustainability, the Gunnison Basin Sage-Grouse Strategic Committee, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture.


What does a beautiful mountain valley have to lose if the invasive plant cheatgrass takes hold? Meet the Gunnison sage-grouse, a threatened species of bird that lives almost entirely in Colorado's Gunnison Valley.


Bored high school students force Sam to eat invasive plants, we meet one of the top cheatgrass scientists in the world and learn why this plant and fire are so tightly linked.



The District has continued its conservation education programs despite the pandemic. To do so, we have partnered with the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District and the Gunnison Watershed School District to create educational videos that deliver the same high-quality curriculum that has been a point of pride for the District. Below is one of the videos produced as part of the 2020 4th Grade Water Festival.