Seed Mixes and Herbicide

       General Seeding Recommendations for the Gunnison Area:
       Any mix can be tailored to a specific site. If the descriptions below do not fit your property please contact the Conservation District or NRCS for an        

       appropriate mix.
       Seed Mix Recommendations

       SEEDING TIMING: Non-irrigated areas can be seeded at two different times in the Gunnison Basin, in the spring or in early July with the monsoon rains.  

       If you can seed in early July, there will typically be two wets seasons (summer monsoons and spring snowmelt) prior to next year's summer dry season. If

       the site is irrigated it can be seeded at any time spring through July.

       LOW ELEVATION (below 9,000ft - 9500ft) RANGELAND
       (no irrigation, dominated by sagebrush, some introduced species included)
       1 lbs Sheep Fescue (Idaho fescue can be substituted for a native alternative)
       1 lbs Big Bluegrass (Sandberg bluegrass can be substituted for a native alternative)
       4 lbs Western wheatgrass
       Totalling 6 lbs per acre

       SAGEBRUSH (dry)
       4 lbs Western Wheatgrass
       1 lbs Sandberg Bluegrass
       3 lbs Indian Ricegrass
       1 lbs Squirreltail
       Totalling 9 lbs per acre

       SAGEBRUSH (wet)
       4 lbs Western Wheatgrass
       6 lbs Slender Wheatgrass
       1 lbs Canby Bluegrass
       Totalling 11 lbs per acre

       Rocky Mountain Penstemon
       Silver Lupine
       Indian Paintbrush
       Aspen Daisy
       Sulphur Buckwheat
       Blue Flax

       Native Riparian

       2 lbs Tufted Hairgrass                                            
       1 lbs Redtop (I)                                                         
       2 lbs Canada Bluejoint (Rubens)                                
       5 lbs Nebraska Sedge (Revenu)
       7 lbs Beaked Sedge (ulriculata)
       Totalling 17 lbs per acre  

       2 lbs Alpine Bluegrass
       2 lbs Tufted Hairgrass
       2 lbs Alpine Timothy
       Totalling 6 lbs per acre

       (irrigated, wet but not saturated for the majority of the growing season, some introduced species included)
       2 lbs Timothy
       2 lbs Red Clover
       1 lbs Redtop
       Totally 5 lbs per acre


       (irrigated, wet but not saturated for the majority of the growing season, some introduced species included, Animals should be differed for 2 growing    

       seasons if possible)
       2 lbs Timothy
       6 lbs Slender Wheatgrass
       2 lbs Red Clover
       Totalling 10 lbs per acre

       arrowleaf balsamroot
       sulphur buckwheat
       blue-eyed grass
       purple coneflower
       yellow coneflower
       lance-leaf coreopsis
       aspen daisy
       blue flax
       wild geranium
       indian blanket
       wild blue iris
       silver lupine
       palmer penstemon
       rocky mountain penstemon
       evening primrose
       western white yarrow

       * 1 oz bags of the Gunnison Mix are available for purchase at our office for $5.00

       Weeds should be treated prior to planting grass or wildflower seed:
       If weeds are present, chemical treatment of the area after planting your seed may damage the seed (always read and follow the herbicide label). Other   

       weed suppression techniques would be benifical until your seed is established. Flowers should not be planted in areas with weeds until the weeds are  




       Amine #4, 2,4-D
       LoVol, 2,4-D
          *other herbicides are available upon request

       Additional Items
       Highlight Blue - dye
       Premier 90 - surfactant
       PAM - irrigation ditch sealant

Brooke Vasquez

Gunnison Conservation District